Lease Management

From the initial lease set up to rental review, renewals and new tenant acquisition, property inspections and more, Independent Commercial Property Management (ICPM) can help you with all the tasks involved around leasing an industrial or commercial property.

ICPM can help with a range of tasks in Commercial Property Lease Management including (but not limited to):

  • Initial lease set up
  • Rental reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • New tenant acquisition
  • Tenant liaison
  • Regular inspections and reporting
  • Ground lease management
  • Green lease management
  • Building energy efficiency monitoring and management


ICPM can help with the initial lease set up

Establishing a solid relationship with property owners and tenants from the get-go is key to a harmonious long-lasting tenancy relationship. We can set up new leases to reflect the owner’s requirements, along with the tenants' needs. We can have leases drafted and signed by required parties.

ICPM can help with rental reviews

Rental reviews and documentation involve a high level of paperwork and time on-site. Let Independent Commercial Property Management undertake your rental reviews and documentation, saving you the headache. We have rigorous checklists and protocols we follow to ensure your property is up to scratch. We pride ourselves in keeping our owners across anything that may become an issue in the future so that they’re not caught out with unwanted damage or costs further down the line.

ICPM can help with lease renewals

Lease renewals can take up a lot of time, involving the coordination of both owners and tenants to view and sign documentation. ICPM can manage lease renewals as determined by the lease document, discuss any changes that are sought by the tenant with the property owner if required and document the lease renewal.

ICPM can help acquire new tenants

Finding the right fit for your building can be of paramount importance to a smooth tenancy experience. With years of experience in the commercial property sector, let ICPM find the right tenancy fit for your property portfolio. We can go to the market and look for new tenants as and when required. We can prepare information memorandums for leasing agents, select a range of agents to ensure maximum coverage of the market and shortlist prospective tenants with owners. The need for new tenants can come around quickly, sometimes with little notice. ICPM can ensure it’s a smooth rather than stressful process so that you can spend the time with a clear head, selecting quality tenants.

ICPM can help with tenant liaison

Communication is the key to an ongoing relationship and is particularly important when it comes to commercial property management. We believe in establishing and maintaining quality communication between tenants and owners, maintaining regular contact with the tenants, to keep them up to date with any building concerns or developing issues. We also believe in having knowledge of any future plans or requirements where possible, so that our business owners can look towards the future and keep their property portfolio one step ahead.

ICPM can help with your regular inspections and reporting

Tenancy noncompliance and regular thorough building inspections are two of the biggest issues facing commercial property owners. ICPM can inspect the building for issues and tenant noncompliance with lease conditions and report to property owners are regularly as required or requested.

ICPM can help with ground lease management

ICPM can help with land leases, including subordinated and unsubordinated ground leases.

ICPM can help with green lease management

Like a lot of industries, commercial property management is incorporating greener initiatives and working towards a more sustainable future. Sustainable property management and green lease management. Green leases are a modified lease to remove barriers to sustainability, communicate shared environmental standards and goals and provide greater assurance that these standards will be met by everyone.

ICPM can help with monitoring and managing building energy efficiency

ICPM have worked in Australia managing buildings required to meet the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) This is an Australian energy and water rating system for commercial buildings which includes a star rating and annual building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions details.

For honest and reliable property management across the commercial and industrial sectors, contact ICPM today. With years of experience, ICPM can help you with the headaches of managing a property portfolio. Contact ICPM today.

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