Insurance Procurement and Management

Independent Commercial Property Management (ICPM) can help with insurance procurement and management.

ICPM can help commercial and industrial property owners with:

  • Arranging for insurance re-evaluations
  • Insurance inspections
  • Carrying out insurance changes required
  • Providing competitive policy options
  • Assessing and managing claims

ICPM can help with arranging insurance re-evaluations

Making sure your cover is up to date and your business is compliant on a regular basis is critical to avoiding unwanted costs.

ICPM can manage your insurance inspections

Inspections can take unwanted time out of your day and involve a high level of paperwork and prior property knowledge. ICPM can liaise with insurance companies as to when inspections are scheduled and assess and carry out any changes required.

We can look for competitive insurance prices for you

ICPM can provide, when required, competitive policies from underwriters to protect your assets.

Assess and manage insurance claims on property assets

Insurance claims can be a formidable and lengthy process, let ICPM manage the administration for you.

Insurance procurement and management can be made easy by working with the experts in the industry, with years of experience, ICPM can help you through the insurance process, from procurement to management and claims. Contact ICPM today.

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