Financial Management

Your property portfolio might be your biggest financial asset or a substantial part of what makes up your financial future. Effective financial management of your property portfolio by experts can leave you to spend your time elsewhere, concentrating on growing other financial assets and business opportunities and it can make sure you’re prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Proper financial management property involves adequate planning, to prepare for the unexpected and also to look at the long-term. We like to be financially astute, working with our clients to put in place accurate financial management, effectively preparing their assets for the future.

ICPM can help with financial property management including (but not limited to):

  • Rent and arrears collection
  • Operating expense budgeting
  • Capital expense planning and budgeting
  • Trust account management


ICPM can help with rent and arrears collection

Let ICPM follow up on any tenants in arrears and advise you of the arrears and possible action to be taken.

ICPM can help with expense budgeting around operational costs

Budgeting around commercial and industrial property management is one thing we get asked about a lot. It can all depend on the state of the building and its infrastructure. We work with our clients on a case by case basis to set up budgets that allow for ongoing maintenance, balanced with the owner’s remuneration requirements.

ICPM can help with capital expense planning and budgeting

Financial success can be put down to long-term planning. ICPM can help you meet capital expenditures costs associated with your property portfolio. We can help you have budgets for long-term major upgrades and large expenditure associated with plant and industrial property ownership.

ICPM can help with trust account property management

ICPM can make payments for operating expenses and pay capital or operating expenses through dedicated trust accounts and give owners regular reporting and remittance to all clients.

Getting financial management assistance to manage your property portfolio can help you move your property portfolio in the right direction and protect yourself from any long-term unforeseen costs. Effective financial management can ensure a happy and healthy future for your assets. Call ICPM today.

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