Facilities Management

Ensuring your building meets compliance and your property portfolio is proactive and quick to meet requirements is incredibly important, especially when it comes to health and safety.

Independent Commercial Property Management (ICPM) can help your property portfolio:

  • Meet building warrant of fitness and compliance
  • Meet maintenance proactively and have quick response times
  • Meet health and safety compliance
  • Manage the life cycle of the asset

ICPM can help with Building Warrant of Fitness and Compliance

We can arrange and then undertake building inspections and undergo maintenance where required. We can ensure the building meets its compliance check schedule under the act.

ICPM provide preventative maintenance measures and fast response

ICPM believe in instituting preventative maintenance plans to help extend the life of the plant and building fabrics. We take a pro-active stance, setting up systems for the quick response to immediate maintenance issues to minimise any inconvenience to the tenants or unwanted damage.

ICPM can help you meet health and safety compliance

ICPM take health and safety incredibly seriously and can monitor the building for any health and safety issues and minimise any risk to the building owner. Health and safety in the commercial and industrial building sectors include a huge range of health risks from electricity, to access to the site, to the use of hazardous substances and adequate ventilation, to adequate infrastructure in emergency situations (exits and fire alarm systems), and more. Save yourself the administrative headache and have ICPM manage your property portfolio.

ICPM can help with asset lifecycle management

Monitoring the age and ongoing costs of plant and building systems doesn’t need to be guesswork. ICPM can keep track of your assets so that you don’t have to. Keeping you well-informed of any budget expectations for the end of life replacement and disposal aspects associated with your property portfolio. Ensuring your building meets compliance and you’re not shouldered with any unexpected costs.

Managing the life cycle of your property portfolio from warrant of fitness compliance, ongoing maintenance and health and safety compliance can require a lot of onsite examinations, administration and experience to ensure you meet compliance and you’re covered, should an accident occur. Contact ICPM today to get your property portfolio managed by experts in the industry.

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