Building Life Cycle Management

At Independent Commercial Property Management (ICPM), we believe in managing our projects as if they were our own assets. We take a long-term view and believe in supporting our clients through the life cycle of their assets and their property portfolio.

ICPM help with building life cycle management and can help with:

  • Technology
  • National building standards compliance
  • Change of use management
  • Building upgrades
  • Project management oversight


ICPM can help with technological upgrades

Technological upgrades can increase the security of your asset and improve marketability through improved tenant appeal and general building efficiency. These are things such as internet capabilities, upgrading security systems or access, and more.

ICPM can help with national building standards compliance

Building standards are always changing, we can measure your building against the current building standards and suggest improvements where needed. We can also check for earthquake ratings and plan any upgrades where required.

Change of use management

As areas change in building type mix, it’s often worthwhile and beneficial to compare the current tenant mix in your property with surrounding tenancies to see if there is an advantage in a change of use for your building. We look long term and after some initial costs, you may see an improvement in property potential for your building.

Building upgrades

We are first and foremost, our clients' advocate. We like to align our approach to our client’s best interests and use our knowledge to add value. Over the lifetime of any property, industrial or commercial, there is a risk the asset will lose relevancy because of advances in technology, general deterioration or the ways in which spaces are used changes. We like to think long-term and plan and budget for upgrades in the life cycle of buildings.

Even in buildings where the use is still current., the fabric of the building can require attention on an ongoing basis. This requires the experience of foresight to budget and plan for the unexpected to eliminate disruption to tenants and to be quick to react, stopping the likelihood of unwanted damage.

Overseeing project management

We believe in being an asset to our clients and a great knowledge base. We can oversee projects including assessing the cost to benefit. We can put in place time, cost and quality planning and control. We can recommend a selection of quality architects and engineers, provide tender evaluation and final cost adjustment approval.

We believe in adding value where it makes sense to and looking long-term at the benefits to property upgrades and major renovations. Our experience covers small projects such as adding to existing buildings, to major renovation projects, through to developing greenfields sites. Talk to ICPM today to see if we can help you. Contact ICPM today.

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